Responsible Sourcing

Lawson Gems prides itself on ethical practices and contributing back to the gem, jewellery and mining industries. We stock many beautiful gems sourced from our various projects world wide and use part profits to fund further ongoing projects.



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This lovely natural zircon has a sublte light yellow/orange tone and great sparkle from an excellent cut.
This lovely natural zircon has a sublte light yellow/orange tone and great sparkle from an excellent cut. The piece has a very slight silkiness giving the piece a slight glow. This piece is unheated and was responsibly sourced from Madagascar. Stone Type...
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1.08ct Cushion Cut Peach Sapphire, unmounted faceted peach sapphire
This fiery natural, unheated sapphire is a gorgeous deep orange pink. The piece is mostly eye clean (the photos do not do this stone any justice as the stone appears much more clean to the eye) and will set beautifully....
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16mm 15.29ct Citrine Cushion Cut
This stunning, large citrine was responsibly sourced in Madagascar and is natural and untreated. The piece is a slightly smokey, burnt amber yellow and very eye clean. The piece was cut by a young disabled cutter work with and sponsor...
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4.84ct Rectangular Cushion Cut Aquamarine
This piece is a stunning light, minty blue and faces up totally eye clean. It is completely natural and has not been heated as most aquamarines are. The rough was mined in the Northern Cabo Del Gardo Provence of Mozambique....
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1.2ct Chrysoberyl in Cushion Cut
This lovely natural chrysoberyl was sourced in the rough from the ROAM women's lapidary collective we work with in Madagascar and also locally cut by our cutter in the capitol Antananarivo. The piece has a soft lemon-lime yellow tone and is...
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Deep Red garnet loose gemstone 4.88ct, deep red cushion cut garnet, sparkly bright red colour suitable for exclusive designer style jewellery,
This beautiful garnet is a gorgeous, deep cherry red and has great clarity and quite open colour for a garnet in this colour range. The piece was sourced in the rough from Mozambique and was cut as part of our our enrichment program...
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