Consulting Services

What Can Lawson Gems Do For You?

Lawson Gems has worked on numerous projects over the years all within the mining, gem and jewellery industries. We invite like minded professionals and industry bodies to contact Director Charles Lawson directly at  for expert advice and services such as project development and execution, film making, content creation and onsite consultations within the gem industry. 

Notable projects that Lawson gems has Lawson gems has provided gemmological and geological consulting and contracting services include:

Australia Awards: Africa (Australian Department of Foreign Trade and Affairs & the University of Queensland)

Women in the Supply Chain Madagascar (Tiffany & Co. Foundation & Gemstone and Sustainable Development Knowledge Hub)

Local Capacity Building & Supply Chain Value Addition in Madagascar (GIZ)

Sustainable Mining Practices in Madagascar (GIZ)

Local Empowerment & Investment in Mozambique (Lawson Gems)