Lucky December babies have more reason than most to celebrate this month. To help them commemorate their day of birth and survive the constant festivities, enlist the help of their birthstones Tanzanite, Zircon & Turquoise.


Tanzanite, so called due to it's origin in the tiny Tanzania, was first discovered in the late 1960s and throws a rich violet-blue shade for which it is famous. A Tanzanite, depending on the saturation of it's colours can be compared to a Sapphire, however is widely appreciated for it's own brilliance and depth. As a healing stone, the Tanzanite is beneficial in the workplace as well as when worn. In the office, the Tanzanite has a calming and soothing effect. Even just a small piece of Tanzanite can help overcome communication issues and aid in problem solving. When worn as jewellery, Tanzanite is said to expand the wearer's consciousness and permanently raise self-awareness levels.


The Zircon is found in several locations in Asia including Thailand, Cambodia & Southern Vietnam and comes in a range of different shades; orange, brown, green, blue, red and yellow just to name a few. Historically the Zircon has been used to imitate and replace diamonds, however has recently been widely acknowledged for it's own merits & qualities. The Zircon is a great healing gem for individuals and travellers as it is believed to possess the power to reduce & relieve pain; induce appetite; protect from disease & injury; prevent nightmares and also ensure warm receptions from others.


Turquoise, the final birthstone for December, is perhaps the most famous of the three and a gem that all Pocahontas fans are sure to know and love. Turquoise is one of the oldest known gemstones and is plentiful in nature. The colour of Turquoise varies from greenish blue to duck-egg blue and a darker sky-blue and can be translucent or opaque; however the most popular and famous incarnation is the completely opaque 'Turquoise' shaded variety which is often seen in bohemian jewellery. It is said that when gifted, Turquoise will bring the wearer good fortune and protect them from negative energy.

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