Crystals, gems and mineral stones have long been used as healing tools in many different cultures and religions across the globe. In recent times, crystals have regularly been employed by nine-to-fiver's as productivity aids; placing the stones on work desks and in office environments. Whilst crystals are often regarded as primarily decorative, inert objects; to many people they constitute a body of healing power and hope. To encourage healing in your everyday life, wearing a piece of crystal or gemstone jewellery is considered to be very effective, as is leaving a selection on your bedside table. The trick is to choose a crystal with the right healing qualities for your ailments.

For a truly calming effect, our Amorpha Pendant, set with a natural blue Tourmaline shard and a rim of blue Sapphire, is the only choice. The roughly cut blue Tourmaline shard evokes the tranquility and silence of the deep blue ocean; it is a crystal of Spirit and Peace. Wearing, carrying or operating close to this gem encourages the release of emotional hold ups and frees the mind to get closer to spiritual awareness and overall happiness. It is also said that Blue Tourmaline can strengthen communication skills and assist you in relating to others in a positive and harmonious way.


For those who would like to open their heart, Rose Quartz will allow you to develop your relationships and love for those in your life and also for yourself. Keeping a rose quartz stone by your bedside or wearing a pendant like our Chinese Pea Carving, will help you to maintain your spiritual healing and keep your heart open to possibilities all day long. Rose Quartz is popular among artists and creative types as the increased love energy helps you to give and receive and also enhances your appreciation of beauty. The increased appreciation of the physical world that arises within the wearers & owners of Rose Quartz, manifests in an increase in inspiration and in the creation of further beautiful objects.


If you'd like to introduce an all-purpose healer into your life, an obelisk of green Aventurine on your bedside table is exactly what you need. Aventurine is used for healing all levels of the body, mind, spirit and heart and helps to balance emotions. If you are experiencing a particularly stressful period in your life, Aventurine can help release your inner tension, anxiety & fear, leaving you open to positive emotions and constructive thoughts. Aventurine is also known as a stone of action and will propel & motivate you to achieve and succeed.

For those who can't make up their mind, or want a little something for everything; our Natural Gemstone Box Set contains a small specimen of 25 different gemstones – all purse friendly and ready for life on the go!

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