Just like the Parker twins in The Parent Trap, The Talented Mr Ripley and Frank Abagnale Jr in Catch Me If You Can,; the greatest masters of disguise are those that hide in plain sight. Like all successful imitators, the Topaz has individually exceptional qualities which allow it to draw praise in it's own right and also pass as a realistic and cost-effective alternative to the coveted and often out-of-reach diamond.

Topaz is a plentiful stone available in a variety of delightful shades including yellow, orange, red and blue and is frequently used to create stunning costume jewellery. Whilst most clear or white Topaz is retrieved from the earth and needs no enhancement prior to sale, some Topaz is originally a light brown colour that will turn white when exposed to light and/or heat. As the Topaz is abundantly available and it's colour is easily manipulated, it makes a very budget-friendly substitution for Diamonds.

Whilst the Topaz has a relatively high refractive index and hardness, it unfortunately won't last as Diamonds do in a wedding band or any 'wear-forever' jewellery pieces. Everyday wear and tear will lead to scratches and a worn-down effect, leaving your Topaz looking not nearly as expensive as when you first purchased it. Instead, Topaz gems are effective & stylish when worn as special earrings, occasional bangles or even promise rings. These gems look exquisite when set in yellow gold or silver and make perfect gifts for commemorative occasions.


If size is what you're after, very large and even cocktail sized Topaz gems remain very cheap despite their flashy appearance. For a stunning ring option, our Three Stone Gold Topaz Ring is the perfect bridesmaid gift, promise ring or graduation present. The delicate band of rough cut gold vermeil encasing three beautiful white Topaz gems makes an elegant and modest statement and would be the perfect companion to any dressy wardrobe concoction. For a male friendly option, our Wide Topaz Eternity Ring is a surprisingly masculine piece despite it's understated spattering of white Topaz stones. The raw, wide gold band balances out the delicacy of the gems and gives it enough prominence to work as a sophisticated promise ring.


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