A rare and natural beauty, the iconic Pearl has long been seen as a symbol of power, wealth and beauty. This ancient gem has been desired across the globe for many a millennia and is to this day, still frequently sighted on the red carpet and the catwalks of the world's fashion capitals. From Johannes Vermeer's famed Girl with a Pearl Earring masterpiece; to Anne Boleyn's infamous namesake necklace; Audrey Hepburn's opening ensemble in Breakfast at Tiffany's; Jackie Kennedy's ever present Pearl necklace and most recently, Karl Lagerfeld's Pearl laden Spring 2013 collection for international house of couture, Chanel – it seems that the world's love affair with Pearls is one that shall never end. Indeed, if the current exhibition being held at London's Victoria & Albert Museum ('Pearls') is anything to go by, our fascination with these jewels of the Sea is only perpetuating with time.


Because of the way in which they form, Pearls are often revered as true miracles of nature and really, it is quite miraculous how these exquisite gems are formed and created. Using x-ray technology, scientists revealed that natural salt water pearls are formed due to the intrusion of a parasite or foreign matter into a mollusc's mantle. The mantle of a mollusc is the organ which produces Nacre or what is more commonly known as Mother-Of-Pearl. An intruder in the mantle displaces the cells of the mollusc and a cyst is formed, over which the nacre grows. Any mollusc with a shell, even the ordinary garden snail, is technically thought to be able to produce Pearls and as such, the variety in the size and colour of pearls varies widely.

The Pearl is the birthstone of June and is said to promote honesty, innocence, integrity, wisdom and concentration when worn or kept in close proximity to those seeking it's healing properties.


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