Top Grade 2.07ct Oval Cut Tsavorite Garnet


This beautiful tsavorite garnet has brilliantly strong colour, it is borderline grass to forest green, in a way that it is such a deep and vibrant shade of grass green that it is almost forest green by shear depth of tone. It is totally eye clean which is very rare in tsavorite in such strong colour and over 2ct in size and more surprisingly it is almost totally loupe clean with just a tiny inclusion just on the girdle of the stone. This gem will make a truly standout center piece for any item of jewellery. This piece is natural and comes with a full lab report free of charge.

Stone Type Garnet - Tsavorite
Cut Pear Cut
Weight 2.07ct
Dimensions 7.63x6.10x5.19mm
Colour Green
Clarity VS/SI
Treatment None
Origin Kenya, regular sourcing.
Reference  LG1300050

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