Large 40mm 22.32ct Australian Boulder Opal


This absoultally stunning boulder opal is what you would call a "Nightstone" as even in low light the piece still has beautiful green and violet fire. It was formed in an opalized wood deposit in Winton, Australia, where old branches and debris have been replaced by opal forming beautifully elegant opal specimens.

The piece was cut in house at our Brisbane Arcade store.

Stone Type Opal - Boulder
Cut Free Form Cabochon
Weight 22.32ct 
Dimensions approx. 40x11.6x7.6mm
Colour Multi
Clarity NA
Treatment None
Origin Australia, responsible sourcing.
Reference  LG700065
Notes *Please note that this stone has been photographed to our best ability to accurately show its colour under moderate lighting. The image may appear different when viewed on varying screens, in person and under different lighting conditions. Rest assured we do our best to portray the stone as closely as possible.



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