3.34ct Flat Pear Cut Ruby


This stone has been cut to make use of the often flat rough coming out of Mozambique, face up this stone looks huge but with a depth of just 2mm it might be 30% of the weight of a regular cut stone. This also means that a lot of light can pass through the stone giving it nice light, bright colour, not only that but being so much lighter than a regular cut you are only paying for a third of the weight you would normally have to pay for for a gem of this length and width. This stone is natural and comes with a full lab report.

Stone Type Corundum - Ruby
Cut Flat Pear Cut
Weight 3.34ct
Dimensions 15.3x11.52.0mm
Colour Red
Clarity I
Treatment Normal Heat Enhancement
Origin Mozambique, regular sourcing.
Reference  LG500021

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