3.07ct TW Round (Diamond Cut) Pastel Sapphire Graduated Set


This enchanting graduated set of pastel colour natural sapphires have all been beautifully cut as round diamond cuts. The stones have great sparkle and the only stone that is slightly included (the pink stone) is still eye clean on account of the stunning deep cut which hides the already tiny inclusions. This set would make an amazing single piece of jewellery if used together and would be especially standout given the difficulty of finding round diamond cut sapphires of this size and colour.

Stone Type Corundum - Sapphire
Cut  Oval Cut
Weight 1.25ct, 1.15ct, 0.67ct
Dimensions 6.85mm, 6.35mm, 5.1mm.
Clarity VS/SI
Treatment Normal Heat Enhancement
Origin Ceylon (Sri Lanka), regular sourcing.
Reference  LG400166

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