25ct Rose Quartz & Rock Crystal Flat Cut Parcel


These flat cuts have a wonderful modern yet retro feel, each piece is unique and perfect for conceptual jewellery. These stones are for those who like to think outside the box. The rose quartz is absolutely top colour in a beautiful rich pink with a small feather reaching out from corner in to that appears and disappears as the stone is turned. The two pieces pieces of rock crystal contrast a little with one piece absolutely clean while the other has a pattern of reflective feathers visible when you peer through this window-like stone.

Less than $16/ct

Stone Type Quartz - Rose Quartz
Cut Flat Cut Parcel
Weight 25ct

13.5x15.8x4.9mm, 10.8x10.5x4.2mm, 10.9x9.8x3.7mm

Colour Pink, White.
Clarity Mix
Treatment None
Origin Mozambique, responsible sourcing.
Reference  LG120012

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