20.24ct Preformed Aquamarine Parcel


This parcel of aquamarine and other beryls has been trimmed and pre-formed to take all the guess work out of buying rough, leaving only inclusions that are near the surface and will easily be removed during cutting without substantialloss of weight. These pieces have had approximately 70% of their weight removed to leave the best possible material for faceting. 

This particular parcel features a large 15.13ct piece with fantastic saturation of colour. The piece has been preformed into a rough marquise shape. In this shape it would have an excelent yield, however it would show some minor inclusions on one end. Alternatively, the piece coul be trimmed again to cut an eye clean pear shape (and a small stone from the trimmed part)

3 pieces. Pieces range in weight from approximately 15.13ct to 1.64ct.

No heat treatment

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