2.51ct Trapiche Emerald Single Crystal Pair


This is an amazing pair of trapiche emeralds, cut from the same crystal they match in a lovely organic fashion. The natural crystal edge has been has been left around the edge of the stones making a stunning crystalline six-rayed star pattern (which can be lined up between the two matching stones).Trapiche emeralds are formed in an extremely rare situation when black carbon impurities fill in the emerald crystal junction which forms a radial pattern with a six-pointed star effect. This pair of stones comes with a single, full gemmological report. 

Stone Type Beryl - Emerald
Cut Polished Crystal
Weight 2.51ct
Dimensions approx 9mm dia, 2mm thick
Colour Blue
Clarity NA
Treatment Clarity Enhanced (standard oiling)
Origin Colombia, regular sourcing.
Reference  LG150037

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