2.26ct Oval Cut Gem Quality Rhodochrosite


This stunning rhodochrosite piece is an exceptional gem quality. Normally a banded pink and white, opaque material, it is incredibly rare to find specimens in this colour and clarity. The piece is a lovely, intense peach colour and has an amazing almost glowing quality caused by the diffraction of light by the same internal structure causing its translucence. It must be said that this glow is very hard to capture on camera and this material looks even better in real life than portrayed in the photos.This piece also comes with a full gemmological lab report free of charge.

Stone Type Rhodochrosite
Cut Oval Cut
Weight 2.26ct
Dimensions 9.10x7.10x4.01mm
Colour Orange Pink
Clarity Translucent
Treatment None
Origin China, regular sourcing.
Reference  LG1300055

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