1.92ct 10x5mm Marquise Shape Flat Cut Ruby Pair


This stone has a great depth of colour in a strong red with a hint of pink. It is mostly eye clean but about half way towards the base there are wispy feathers, this does not particularly affect the stone and in a more closed setting this will mostly disappear and give the stone good solid colour. This stone is very versatile and will also perform well in a very in an open setting with the hint of cloudy feathers helping to maintain its body colour while not letting too much of the setting below show through the stone.

Stone Type Corundum - Ruby
Cut  Marquise Flat Cut
Weight 1.23ct
Dimensions 10.1x5.1x1.5mm
Colour Red
Clarity I
Treatment Normal Heat Enhancement
Origin Mozambique, regular sourcing.
Reference  LG500036

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