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15ct Natural Burmese Spinel Rough Parcel
This material is a mix of red to pink red crystals and water worn pebbles of Burmese spinel. Most of the material is quite clean and would suite many roles from setting as rough stones, cutting and collection pieces. sold...
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5.39ct Spinel rough in light purple colour is ideal for jewellers
This lovely, exceptionally clean spinel rough stone has great colour and should yield a clean, bright stone at least 1.5ct or more in an elongated cut like a marquise or an oval.
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3.48ct Natural Burmese Spinel Water Worn Pebble Set
This incredibly beautiful set of three water worn pebbles of spinel has a stunning mix of soft, almost metallic seeming pastel colours. The surfaces are virtually spotless and will face up with beautiful clean, subtle surfaces after setting.  Though similar...
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