The birthstones for those born in March are Aquamarine and Bloodstone.



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3.00ct Modified Triangular Cut Aquamarine
 This beautiful mid sky blue unheated aquamarine is completely eye clean and has great sparkle due to a very fine level of faceting. The rough stone was ethically source from Cabo DelGado, Mozambique and finished by our master cutter. Stone...
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5.84ct Aquamarine in Emerald Cut, Beautiful Blue Aquamarine Gemstone
This amazing aquamarine has not been heat treated and was responsibly sourced from Madagascar. The piece is a lovely sky blue with a stunning elongated cut. This beautifully clean stone will set as a stunning piece of jewellery. Stone Type Beryl...
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Aquamarine Oval Cabachon, Responsibly sourced Aquamarine
This lovely soft blue cabochon aquamarines has a delicate look and intriguing appeal with tiny mica crystals distributed across the gem in a linear pattern.This gems was responsibly sourced as part of our project in Madagascar.   Stone Type Aquamarine...
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Square Cut Aquamarine Cabachon, Responsibly sourced Aquamarine gem
This lovely soft blue pair of square cabochon aquamarines has a delicate appeal and would make for a fantastic pair of earrings.These gems was responsibly sourced as part of our project in Madagascar.   Stone Type Aquamarine Cut Square Cabachon...
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54.5ct Light Blue Aquamarine Rough Parcel
This parcel of rough rough aquamarine was sourced directly from the mines in Mozambique and is totally natural and unheated. This parcel is perfect for a beginner cutter looking for some nice stones to practice on for either faceting or...
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3.79ct Pear Cut Aquamarine
This stunning natural aquamarine is a lovely baby blue and is almost entirely eye clean except for a small feather near the point. The piece has a nice wide table and although it does show a slight window the the...
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11.49ct Mixed Cabochon Cut Aquamarine Parcel
 This beautiful parcel of natural, unheated aquamarine is a matched mid sky blue with a stunning polish, giving the stones the look of eyecatching beads of icy blue water. Each piece has minor inclusions visible to the eye, but this...
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2.93ct Mixed Step Cut Aquamarine
This sleak natural and unheated aquamarine has a elegant rhombohedral step cut and is a lovely pale icy blue. It is almost eye clean with just a few barely visible wisps coming in from one of the long edges. This...
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4.84ct Rectangular Cushion Cut Aquamarine
This piece is a stunning light, minty blue and faces up totally eye clean. It is completely natural and has not been heated as most aquamarines are. The rough was mined in the Northern Cabo Del Gardo Provence of Mozambique....
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7.05ct Square Checkeboard Cut Aquamarine
This is a stunning piece in a huge 12mm square checkerboard cut giving it great sparkle, in a pale icy blue it would make a great statement piece. Stone Type Beryl - Aquamarine Cut Checkerboard Square Cut Weight 7.05ct Dimensions 12.0x11.9x7.9mm Colour...
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