Gem Rough

Lawson Gems ethically sources rough from all over the world, we often travel direct to the mines to find the best stones and have friendly ties in with mine owners in such countries as, Mozambique, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Cambodia and at home in Australia. We also secure stones from trusted suppliers worldwide.



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8.77 ct piece of tourmaline rough in green colour is ideal for jewellers who want to set as rough,
This gemmy rough tourmaline is exceptionally clean apart from a black tourmaline crystal just across the surface of one crystal face and only just reaching through the surface of that face. The piece has a blue green (the c axis)...
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1.92ct Trapiche Emerald
This is a stunning example of a trapiche emerald, it is incredibly gemmy with great colour and symmetry and almost weighs in at almost 2ct. Trapiche emeralds are formed in an extremely rare situation when black carbon impurities fill in the emerald...
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2.51ct Trapiche Emerald Single Crystal Pair
This is an amazing pair of trapiche emeralds, cut from the same crystal they match in a lovely organic fashion. The natural crystal edge has been has been left around the edge of the stones making a stunning crystalline six-rayed...
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25ct+ Mixed Watermelon Tourmaline Rough Parcels
This rough tourmaline is a mix of watermelon stones along with straight green or pink and is in sizes perfect for setting in jewellery as is or great practice material for gem cutters looking to make cabochons or small slices. These stones...
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Green Tourmaline Rod Crystals
These beautiful natural tourmaline rod shaped crystals have a wonderfully elegant feel. They could be easily set into jewellery as is to make stunning and unique pieces. The colour is a warm slightly yellow/olive green and very uniform throughout the...
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Beautiful pipe opal rub, responsibly sourced opal rough, Australian opal, collectors specimen opal, Winton opal
This parcel of beautiful pipe opal rubs was mined from an opalized wood deposit in Winton, Queensland, Australia. "Rubs" are partially preformed rough opals that have been trimmed and shaped to show their potential but are not polished. The images...
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0.83ct Trapiche Emerald Pair Sold out
This beautiful pair trapiche emeralds are incredibly gemmy with great colour and well matched black radial inclusion symmetry. With only a slight difference in shape, this pair would be perfect to use in a stunning pair of earrings. Trapiche emeralds are...
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10.68 ct piece of tourmaline rough in grass green colour is ideal for jewellers who want to set as rough Sold out
This lovely, slightly bi coloured green tourmaline is lightly included, but could still facet a beautifully stone or it could have an even better yield as a cabochon. The piece has had a window polished on one crystal face to...
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