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Our rough is personally sourced worldwide then brought to skilled cutters in based in Antananarivo Madagascar where we work with a young cutter developing his business, to the gem district of Silom in Bangkok where master cutters create there masterpiece stones or to local cutters based in Australia keeping the mine to market chain as close to home as possible. From decadent pieces of stunning aquamarine delved from deepest Mozambique to locally mined Australian Sapphire in its true unheated deep blues we strive to bring stones to meet all needs.



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9.18ct Pink Tourmaline Cushion Cut
This beautiful pink tourmaline has a lovely rich tone and is essentially eye clean.   Stone Type Tourmaline Cut Cushion Cut Weight 9.18ct Dimensions 12.6x11.2x8.8mm Colour Pink Clarity VS/SI Treatment Standard heat treatment Origin Pakistan, regular sourcing. Reference  LG100229
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5.71ct Green Beryl Cushion Cut Sold out
This beautiful natural green beryl is a stunning soft teal blue green tone. The stone is very eye clean, with minor inclusions visible under strong magnification and lighting and has a great sparkling cut. Stone Type Beryl - Green Cut Pear...
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1.2ct Chrysoberyl in Cushion Cut
This lovely natural chrysoberyl was sourced in the rough from the ROAM women's lapidary collective we work with in Madagascar and also locally cut by our cutter in the capitol Antananarivo. The piece has a soft lemon-lime yellow tone and is...
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This lovely natural zircon has a sublte light yellow/orange tone and great sparkle from an excellent cut.
This lovely natural zircon has a sublte light yellow/orange tone and great sparkle from an excellent cut. The piece has a very slight silkiness giving the piece a slight glow. This piece is unheated and was responsibly sourced from Madagascar. Stone Type...
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0.81ct Red Cushion Cut Spinel
This stunning natural Burmese spinel is a stunning deep red. There are no predominant undertones with the undertones shifting from orange to violet to pure red as the lighting changes. The stone is totally eye clean and is slightly native...
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1.08ct Cushion Cut Peach Sapphire, unmounted faceted peach sapphire
This fiery natural, unheated sapphire is a gorgeous deep orange pink. The piece is mostly eye clean (the photos do not do this stone any justice as the stone appears much more clean to the eye) and will set beautifully....
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Deep Red garnet loose gemstone 4.88ct, deep red cushion cut garnet, sparkly bright red colour suitable for exclusive designer style jewellery,
This beautiful garnet is a gorgeous, deep cherry red and has great clarity and quite open colour for a garnet in this colour range. The piece was sourced in the rough from Mozambique and was cut as part of our our enrichment program...
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Green Fluorite cushion cut 2.82ct, clean pale green cushion cut checker board faceted stone, responsible sourcing gemstones
Great as a collectors piece or for use in cocktail jewellery this lovely green fluorite is a stunning little gem. Stone Type Fluorite Cut Cushion cut, Checker board Weight  2.82ct Dimensions 8.9     square x6mm deep Colour Green Clarity  VS Treatment...
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16mm 15.29ct Citrine Cushion Cut
This stunning, large citrine was responsibly sourced in Madagascar and is natural and untreated. The piece is a slightly smokey, burnt amber yellow and very eye clean. The piece was cut by a young disabled cutter work with and sponsor...
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4.84ct Rectangular Cushion Cut Aquamarine
This piece is a stunning light, minty blue and faces up totally eye clean. It is completely natural and has not been heated as most aquamarines are. The rough was mined in the Northern Cabo Del Gardo Provence of Mozambique....
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6.88ct TW Mixed Cut Sapphire Parcel
This beautiful parcel of natural sapphires has great crystal sparkle and a stunning mix of colours. The stones are all eye clear except for the large cushion pink which has a couple of needles, these have little impact however as...
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2.56ct Mixed Cushion Cut Aquamarine Sold out
This gorgeous stone is a stunningly strong sky blue. The piece is virtually eye clean and has great sparkle.  This piece was responsibly sourced as part of our project in Madagascar. Stone Type Beryl - Aquamarine Cut Mixed Cushion Cut Weight...
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1.04ct TW Red Cushion Cut "Jedi" Spinel Set Sold out
This parcel Burmese "Jedi" spinel have fantastic colour and amazing glow. True to form with Jedi spinel they are almost luminescent in the right lighting, they have been photographed under studio lighting which really makes them pop and the colour...
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This gorgeous natural, unheated zircon is a lovely warm earthy pink and totally eye and loupe clean Sold out
This gorgeous natural, unheated zircon is a lovely warm earthy pink and totally eye and loupe clean. This piece was responsibly sourced from Madagascar. Stone Type Zircon Cut Cushion Weight 3.05ct  Dimensions 9.3x7mm Colour Pink Clarity  VS Treatment  None Origin...
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4.88ct Red Garnet Cushion Cut
This beautiful garnet was sourced as rough and was then cut locally by a lapidary workshop we support in Antanananrivo, Madagascar.  Stone Type Garnet Cut Cushion Cut Weight 4.88ct Dimensions 10.25x8.40x6.20mm Colour Mauve Red Clarity VS Treatment No Treatment Origin Madagascar, Responsible Sourcing Reference ...
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