Traditionally, a birthstone is associated with each month of the year. For example, the birthstone for January is a garnet, while lucky babies born in April get a diamond as their birthstone.The origin of birthstones is believed to date back to the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The current list dates back to 1912 with only one addition since then – the tanzanite was added to December. There are numerous legends and myths about birthstone healing powers and their therapeutic influence. According to these legends, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightened its healing powers.

*Source American Gem Society



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3.25ct Unheated Rough Ruby, ruby birthstone for July, Mozambique ruby, rich deep red ruby Sold out
This lovely deep red with a hint of magenta ruby is a great stone for both setting as a rough gem or cutting. The piece should yield a cabochon around 1.1-1.4ct and due to its flat shape will will cut...
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3.23ct Sugar Loaf Cut Zambian Emerald
This is an absolutely stunning natural Zambian emerald, a shinning example of beautiful quality sugar loaf cut. The piece has no individually eye visible inclusions and a wonderful soft glow and will look amazing whether set or unset..This piece comes...
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9.67ct Pyrope Garnet Kite Rough Cut Sold out
This unique natural garnet has been specially cut in house to produce this wonderful gem. The piece has been cut into a kite shape with the top of the stone being left with its glossy undulating uncut surface while the sides and base...
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4.32ct TW Rhodolite Garnet Oval Cut Set
This stunning set was sourced through our enrichment program in Madagascar and part of the profits will go towards furthering education and supporting disabled workers in Madagascar.. Stone Type Garnet - Rhodolite Cut Oval Cut Weight 4.32ct TW Dimensions Colour Purple...
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3.93ct Pyrope Garnet Oval Cabochon Cut
This beautiful garnet is a sultry cherry red and has great clarity and colour for a garnet cabochon. The piece was sourced through our enrichment program in Madagascar and part of the profits will go towards furthering education and supporting...
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3.17ct TW Australian Opal Parcel
This beautiful parcel of white opals is a mix of solid and boulder opal. The pieces have interesting fire and a mix of standard and more free form shapes. Stone Type Opal - Solid + Boulder Cut Cabochon Weight 3.17ct TW...
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3.25ct Australian Solid Opal
 This stunning Lightning Ridge solid opal has beautiful soft green fire with hints of dark blue and orange flashes as well. The stone is a nice standard oval making it much easier to set the piece.  Stone Type Opal - Solid...
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3.20ct Oval Australian Boulder/Jelly Opal
This stunning opal was a challenge to photography and definitely looks more beautiful in real life with much better defined violet, main body fire with blue and green secondary fire. The piece is wonderfully semi-transparent jelly opal on a very thin base...
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 3.50ct Marquise Cabochon Ethiopian Opal 10% off
Ethiopian opal is a relatively new contender on the opal market, however it is capable of producing material with exceptional play of colour and top quality "crystal" opal. This piece has a warm fire opal feel and has good play...
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3.63ct TW Mixed Cut Sapphire Parcel
This eye catching parcel of natural sapphires is a slightly different take on the "traffic light" combo. Each stone has stunning sparkle and striking contrast between them. The stones are all eye clean with some inclusions visible in the pink...
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3.34ct Flat Pear Cut Ruby, mozambique ruby, ruby birthstone for july
This stone has been cut to make use of the often flat rough coming out of Mozambique, face up this stone looks huge but with a depth of just 2mm it might be 30% of the weight of a regular...
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3.30ct Sugar Loaf Cut Zambian Emerald Sold out
This regal natural Zambian emerald is stunning quality sugar loaf cut, the piece has no individual eye visible inclusions but has a wonderful soft glow often associated with fine sugar loafs. It is a lovely rich, deep, dark green with...
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3.00ct Modified Triangular Cut Aquamarine
 This beautiful mid sky blue unheated aquamarine is completely eye clean and has great sparkle due to a very fine level of faceting. The rough stone was ethically source from Cabo DelGado, Mozambique and finished by our master cutter. Stone...
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3.79ct Pear Cut Aquamarine
This stunning natural aquamarine is a lovely baby blue and is almost entirely eye clean except for a small feather near the point. The piece has a nice wide table and although it does show a slight window the the...
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3.70ct Square Aquamarine
This really is a lovely stone with a stunning cut, the piece has great symmetry and has beautiful geometric flashes. The piece is also exceptionally clean and is a nice, lightly soft sky blue with a tiny hint of a...
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3.70ct Baguette Cut Garnet
This beautiful is just touching the border between rhodolite and almandine colour with subtle shifts as lighting changes. The stone has great light and colour return which is incredibly hard to find in these species of garnets and it is...
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3.57ct Oval Cut Mandarin Garnet
This gorgeous mandarin garnet has a lovely even colour and great sparkle. In such a standout colour this is the perfect piece for a stunning cocktail ring or other eye-catching piece of jewellery. The stone is totally eye clean, though...
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