It's getting to that time of year again when wanderlust is filling our heads like heavenly scent-- someone needs to sling us on a plane with a Gin and Tonic, ASAP!

Alas, this is not possible. So instead, we are content to help you on the road to achieving your wanderlust, starting with travel inspired jewellery you will be taking over with you! So buckle up and prepare for some stylish inspiration; whether you're wandering the trendy streets of Gai Parie or jet setting around the Greek Islands, we've got you covered!

Parisians are stylish in a beautiful, minimalistic way (think Coco Chanel).  Mirroring this philosophy within your jewellery collection is a great way to capture Parisian style! This look relies on the small details, so we recommend going for simple, well crafted pieces like our stacking rings, petite studs and delicate necklaces! Our staff picks include (pictured above clockwise from top left): Fine Gold Ring with Satin Finish (valued at $39.00)Estate Gold Bangle (valued at $265.00)Swinging Stone Rhodolite Garnet Rose Gold Ring (valued at $82.00)Rose Quartz Cabochon Daisy Style Rose Gold Stud Earring (valued at $124.99)Ruby and Diamond Estate Cluster Ring (on sale for $565.00) and Simple Bezel Set Rose Quartz Cabochon Gold Pendant (valued at $89.00).

Ahhhh, picture yourself drifting on the coast of the Greek Islands, sipping pina coladas and tanning on the deck. This style of holiday calls for rough jewellery designs paired with interesting shapes (our geometrically cut styles are perfect) edging on a soft and tribal vibe. We would recommend hot-as-the-sun-you're-sitting-under reds and cool, sea blues! Persians nights call for our Conceptual Doublet Earrings in Gold Vermeil for an exoctic touch while our Mint Green Tourmaline Shard Gold Pendant is perfect for dreamy seaside holidays. Golds work best under the summer sun, but silver will accentuate your tan!

Our staff picks include (pictured above clockwise from top left): Conceptual Doublet Persian Earrings in Gold Vermeil (on sale for $289.00)Conceptual Doublet Oval Persian Earrings in Gold Vermeil (on sale for $289.00)Mint Green Tourmaline Shard Gold Pendant (valued at $189.00)Rough Ruby Ring in Silver and Gold (valued at $229.00)Rough Ruby Ring in Silver (valued at $119.00) and Open Two Stone Bezel Set Rhodolite Garnet and Amethyst Rose Gold Ring (valued at $109.00)

Until next daydream,

Lawson Gems


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