Choosing the right coloured jewellery to buy can be a tricky, confusing and sometimes even frustrating experience- especially when it comes to choosing expensive or decadent jewellery. But never fear! The following post will help you to determine whether to buy gold or silver toned jewellery based on three major factors: Your wardrobe preferences, your skin tone and hair colour!

First of all, you need to figure out if your skin tone is warm or cool. This can be done by looking for an area on your body where veins are very clearly visible. Usually a good point of reference is your wrist! Based on the colour of your veins, your skin tone may fall into one of the two categories: cool or warm! Cool tones are identified by bluish veins; your skin might also have a pinkish or rosy undertone! The majority of people have cool coloured skin and will suit silver toned jewellery. However, if you have slightly more green tinted veins, you're more likely to suit brassy and rose gold coloured jewellery! Your skin will also more likely have a yellow or warm, apricot colour undertone. A lot of people can get confused as to whether they are cool or warm skinned - and that's okay!

Now that you've worked out what colour compliments your skin tone, you now need to factor in which shade also suits you're hair colour. Comparing the tones to your hair colour can help you further determine what colour compliments you- especially if you're wearing earrings or head-orientated jewellery! If your hair colour is red, orange, or strawberry blonde, you will almost always suit rose and brassy toned jewellery. These kinds of pieces will compliment the fiery tones in your luscious locks! Coincidentally, pairing it with gem stones in blue or emerald tones will have a similar effect! However, if you have dark coloured hair, or a dark or cool toned blonde hair, you're more likely to suit silver or white gold toned jewellery. On another related note, purple and fiery toned gemstones will compliment your hair due to the stark contrasts.

Finally, you need to factor in what colours you frequently wear! If you're essentially a black a white character- you're good to go with anything! However when you're considering brighter colours, use your warm and cool colour guide again! E.g- reds and warm colours will suit golds whereas greens and blues will suit silvers.

In the meantime, check out our favourite gold and silver staff picks below!

Silver Staff Picks


Sterling Silver with Sapphire Cross-Over Ring $49.99


Oval Tourmaline Cabochon Claw Set 925 Silver Ring $59.99


Blue Topaz Silver Filigree Earrings $49.99 Gold Staff Picks


Conceptual Doublet Oval Persian Earrings in
Gold Vermeil Regular $289.00


Simple Bezel Set Garnet Cabochon
Gold Pendant $89.00


Gold Knot Bangle With Topaz- $119.00 SHOP GOLD AND SILVER

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