This month at Lawson HQ, we're yellow and pink and gilded all over with our love of November's traditionally golden birthstones, Topaz & Citrine.   


Citrine, known as the 'Healing Quartz', is a yellow shaded gemstone and a variety of the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's continental crust. The healing properties of Citrine include supporting the health & vitality of the wearer, as well as encouraging hope, energy and warmth to flourish within them. Though rarely found naturally, Citrine is one of the most affordable gems on the market thanks to international producers in Brazil, Bolivia and Spain.


Alternatively, November's other birthstone Topaz is found in many different regions across the globe. The Topaz's place in our culture has been set for many a century and as such is a stone with a truly rich cultural history. The ancient Egyptians wore it to ward off harm, the ancient Romans believed that it aided eyesight, a certain shade was coveted by the Russian royal family and the Ancient Greeks believed that the stones could increase strength and even potentially make the wearer invisible. The healing properties of Topaz include strengthening faith & positivity, instilling confidence and motivation and it is also said to be beneficial for nervous exhaustion and insufficient nutrition.

Unlike many other birthstones, Topaz has the distinction of coming in a wide rainbow of colours including but not limited to blue, red, yellow, clear and the colour traditionally linked with November – Orange.


For a truly meaningful way to celebrate November's impending birthday girls, you simply can't go past a combination of their two birth stones in our Ruby, Topaz and Citrine Drop earrings. The combination of yellow Citrine, crystal clear Topaz and the elegant beauty of natural rubies manifest into a pair of sophisticated stand-out statement earrings that will keep her safe and stylish forever.

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