Joanna_Hillman-19-full They say Diamonds are a girl's best friend but a collection of quality gemstone jewellery will certainly get you further in the style stakes. As any socialite worth her salt will say, a statement piece of jewellery has the power to elevate even the plainest white tee, so the power of a well curated collection can certainly not be underestimated. The key to purchasing jewellery that will retain it's value and never fall out with the rest of your wardrobe is to invest in quality, carefully constructed pieces that are more classically designed than trend-driven. Rather than frequently spending small amounts on of-the-moment purchases, the occasional splurge on sophisticated and specially selected additions will, over time, manifest into a collection worthy of future generations. Buyers should also keep in mind their ever evolving wardrobes – what colours and silhouettes do you feel most comfortable in and what jewellery will best accentuate those garments? If you haven't yet begun a timeless collection of your own, the easiest (and often least expensive) place to start is with a simple pair of everyday earrings. Consider the shapes and styles you purchase most often – a simple pair of faux pearl earrings; plain metallic studs; casual hoops or gemstone studs? Whatever your go-to choice is, purchase a quality, lasting version. For myself, a pair of plain hoops like our Gold Wide Hoops or simple studs like our Gold Knot Earrings are perennial fail-safes. If you prefer a bit of colour on your lobes, our simple Studs with Gems in a selection of Amethyst, black onyx and blue Topaz are quality, keepsake options to kick start your collection. Although it is often forgotten, Jewellery is an excellent tool for highlighting and framing our most favored body parts or features. If you're wondering what aspect of your collection to build up next, consider what your favourite feature is and which jewellery can best help you accentuate it. A necklace is a great place to start as they can accentuate the decolletage, the neck, the face and even the hair. If you love wearing a high neckline, a long draping pendant like our Aquamarine Shard Silver Necklace can create a slimming line down the center of the torso. Alternatively if you prefer an open or low neckline, a shorter necklace, like our Circle of Life Pendant, worn close to the base of the neck can elegantly highlight the collarbone area and beautifully offset skin tones. Bracelets, as they are worn near the hands and will probably receive the most wear & tear, should be selected almost primarily on quality and craftsmanship. While an exotic, decorative cuff can add interest and style to most outfits, it is important to start your wrist jewellery collection with a plain metallic bangle or bracelet. A simple option like our Gold Estate Bangle is an understated way to add polish to any attire and just like earrings, will assimilate seamlessly into your everyday, never-take-off wardrobe.      

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