Looking to add a touch of bright elegance to your jewellery collection? Then look no further than a beautifully crafted tourmaline gemstones this season. Tourmaline gemstones comes in an myriad of blossoming, bright colours as well as deep, inky tones. The name comes from the Sinhalese word "Thuramali" or "Thoramalli", which dates back to colonial Ceylon, which is now modern day Sri Lanka. With gem quality tourmalines being transparent in their appearance, they add a touch of soft glam to any outfit, such as these stunningly crafted tourmaline rings, ranging from $44.99- $549.99.     As well exquisite pendants such as this Blue Tourmaline Pear Cut and Diamond Pendant in 10k Gold (valued at $789.00). They're varying colour and chemical compositions classify them into different families of Tourmaline species such as rubellite, indicolites, dravites and schorl gemstones. In accordance with it's wide colour wheel, Ancient Egyptians believed that the tourmaline, on its journey up from the centre of the Earth and to the surface, passed over a rainbow and consumed all its colours, which is why it is referred to fittingly as the 'gemstone of the rainbow'. As almost every tourmaline stone is unique in it's form and colour, it will be as though this gemstone was grown specifically for it's owner.   SHOP TOURMALINE HERE  

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