Pendant style necklaces have been in style for decades. The beauty of a delicate chain with a focal point piece hanging gently on the neck isn't going out of style anytime soon.  Gemstone pendants make wonderful choices for both casual or evening wear and are appropriate for every occasion. With such a wide variety of gemstones available on the market, there is a stone to fit the tastes of every woman. In addition to just the stone, gemstones pair stunningly with diamonds. This look has been sought out for years for anniversary presents and just because gifts for someone special. Learn what pendants work best for casual wear and which pieces are best saving for formal evening wear. Every woman wants to feel beautiful whether it’s a casual day or a big night out. For those casual laid back days, gemstone jewelry pendants are a fitting choice. Smaller stones set in a silver or gold setting or by themselves are the ideal choice. These pendants aren’t overpowering and will complement everyday clothing.  Aquamarine, amethyst and tourmaline are common choices. Choosing a stone based on your birth month is also a popular choice as birthstones tend to bring good luck, health or wishes of wealth depending on your specific month. Gemstone pendants come in every style and shape as each stone is unique. For big nights out on the town, women have the pleasure of playing up accessories and choosing larger statement pieces. Gemstones are certainly a way to attract the right kind of attention; their irresistible sparkle and shine is hard to miss! Depending on your individual style and taste preferences, the stone you choose to wear may be different than others. A large center stone such as a sapphire or ruby surrounded and embellished by diamonds is a classic look that can be worn with any type of evening dress. These pendants sit nicely on the chest and pair well with gem earrings. Recently a new trend in gemstone jewelry has emerged – circle of life pendants. Circle of life pendants are gold or silver hollow rings that are embellished by gemstones. These stones can represent something special to you or just be for vanity purposes. The unique style brings many compliments from others and can be a great conversation piece. Join women across the country that wear different types of gemstone pendants each day. Gems are beautiful natural stones that come in many different colors and cuts depending on your own personal style. There’s something for everyone for both casual and evening wear. Larger statement pieces work well for evening wear while smaller, dainty pendants are great for everyday wear. Find your style and embrace your favorite gemstones to feel beautiful and connected with nature’s wonders.

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