With Stacking rings fast becoming the new big thing in jewellery trends, this week at Lawson Gems, we thought we'd share a few of our sure fire tips for pulling off the look perfectly! Rings can be stacked in any kind of precious metal you prefer. Gold, silver or rose gold tones; make this look your own! However, as a general rule, try not to mix tones as the key to the look is to make your chosen rings look like a set. The best way to do this is to choose rings of roughly the same band colour and size; this will create a consistency. On the other hand however, feel free to mix up the gemstone colour and shape for a 'fun' vibe. Just be sure at least two gems are roughly in the same colour circle to tie them all in together. Gold Stacking Rings Gold stacking rings, when done right, can look absolutely beautiful. The trick to this look is keep it simple and sophisticated. A matching thin, gold bangle always adds a lovely, soft touch. Silver Stacking Rings Silver always looks very soft and demure, so edge it up a bit with some midi rings too! The layered colours also add a modern twist to this look as splendid, 'everyday' styling companions.   The most important rule about this look though is to break the rules. Make this look your own and stand out from the crowd! This look is the perfect way to add a delicate dab of detail to any outfit.   Lawson Gems

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