There’s no denying that once you've met the love of your life you know she’s the one. If you are not quite ready to enter an engagement a promise ring can be the perfect way to show her your love. Promise rings have been around for centuries and date back to the 16th century, where men are seen in painting giving women rings. The tradition of promise rings signifies a commitment to remain monogamous and a promise to spend the rest of your life with the receiver. Rings are usually worn on the left hand’s ring finger, but some choose the middle finger of the left hand as to not get it confused with an engagement ring. Gemstone promise rings are a great choice as they are high quality and aren't confused with an engagement ring, which is typically diamonds. Selecting the right gemstone promise ring much depends on your relationship with your special someone and your taste. There are options to fit within all budgets and a beautiful stone can be selected to be set in a ring setting custom for you. A variety of gemstones including tourmaline, quartz and sapphires come in many colors making selecting the right stone a simple process. The next step involves the cut of the stone. More facets carry a higher price tag but look stunning when set in a ring. Each gemstone carries a meaning. Some bring good luck, love, wealth and can even ward off bad spirits. No stone has a negative meaning; but selecting a stone that means something special to both of you can be a nice added touch. For the ring base metals such as silver, gold or platinum are the most popular choices. Gemstones can be set in rings that have diamond accents built in with the focal point being the gemstone of your choice. Other complimenting smaller gemstones can also be set on the sides to make a three stone ring. The stones don’t need to all be the same type. Try pairing amethyst and aquamarine together to have a beautiful and unique ring. The best part of selecting a gemstone promise ring is that each stone is unique and when custom designed you have a piece of jewelry that is all your own and completely special. Promise rings can breathe new life into a relationship and ignite a new spark. Gemstones are a great choice for promise rings as they are affordable and complement each girl’s style.  Your expert gemologist will have many ideas on what ring may best suit your special relationship. When presenting her with your promise ring, get creative! Make the experience one she can tell friends and family about and most importantly won’t forget.

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