Emeralds are quickly gaining favour  if the recent awards ceremonies are anything to go by. Angelina Jolie has been snapped wearing a tablet cut emerald pendant and earrings from her Style of Jolie jewellery collection and as well as her custom designed emerald embellished choker on many occasions.


The actress herself helped design these gems with the help of West Coast jeweler Robert Procop. They're part of the Style of Jolie collection, which includes cushion-cut pieces set with black spinels, golden citrines and rich rubellites—as well as those signature emeralds. But of course, it's not enough for the striking star to just design pretty jewelry—100 percent of the proceeds from the Style of Jolie collection are donated to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, Angie's charity of choice.


Jolie's signature Emerald necklace features a collection of 44 cushion cut emeralds with a total weight of 103.48 carats, many of which have attained the exclusive gemstone classification of vivid green. The necklace is sculpted in 18K yellow gold.

"Circle of Life" Emerald and Diamond Gold Ring ($399.00)  

The appeal of the emerald, the most valuable of beryl family of stones, lies in the richness of its colour. The glow of an emerald  is more subtle than the brash sparkle of diamonds. These deep pools of cool green have long been considered one of the most precious stones and in Roman times they were the most expensive gems known to exist. Cleopatra used the emeralds from her Egyptian mines to emphasis her royal status after usurping her brother's throne and we can thank her for infusing emeralds with connotations of power and royalty.


Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra


Individuality is what makes emeralds so unique. As well as varying colours, there is no such thing as a perfectly unflawed emerald as each stone has its own 'garden' of inclusions and flaws that are like an individual passport and gemologists can use these to trace a stone back to its original mine.

Oval Cut Emerald and Diamond 14k Gold Ring ($1,199.00)  

In fact the emeralds that Cleopatra had access to were of a much lighter colour than the ones we are used to seeing and were no doubt smaller and riddled with flaws. But still they were considered the most precious of all stones.

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