Caring for gemstones will not only help maintain their durability, it can also help to retain their beauty and brilliance far into the future. When cleaning gemstones, put the gem in a bowl of water, with two to three drops of dish detergent, and use a soft toothbrush to clean the back of the stone. After this, rinse the stone and then pat it dry using a soft cloth. An ultrasonic cleaner can also be used to clean certain gemstones and plain gold jewellery, along with other metals such as silver and platinum, but it could damage other gems and those with lots of inclusions. Organic gemstones are usually porous and need special care. Do not expose them to harsh chemicals. They should be stored alone in a jewellery box or pouch with cloth lining. For cleaning, wipe the gem clean using a soft cloth. Restring pearl strands if the cord is frayed or stretched. It’s also important to remove gemstone rings prior to exercising or working with your hands. Do not pull off the gemstone, as this will stretch the metal setting and make it insecure. Gemstone and jewellery pieces should also be stored separately or wrapped individually to avoid scratches, tangles, or jostling when travelling. Source:

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