Garnet comes from the Latin word granum, which means grain. Garnet is usually a deep red colour, but it also comes in other colours, except blue. Different lighting can change the colour of some garnets and may even display stars. Pyrope garnets have a blood-red colour, whereas rhodolite garnets are purple-red. Almandine garnets are red, orange or brown. Grossular garnets come in red, orange, yellow and green, but they can also be colourless. Spessartite garnets have a deep orange colour, and demantoid garnets are green, which is rare. Garnets have been used since ancient times. Warriors wore talismans with garnet to protect them in war and give them peace upon their return. Soldiers also wore items with the gemstone to protect them in battle. In the 1600s, garnet was used to cure blood loss. Grains of garnet can also used to smooth and grind objects. The garnet remains popular today due to its natural beauty. It also comes in a variety of colours and has excellent brilliance. On the Mohs scale, garnets have a hardness of 7.5. This means they can be used in jewellery and endure everyday wear. Source:

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