Spinel is one of the world’s most famous red gemstones. It comes in different colours, with red and pink being the most prominent in the jewellery industry. Valued Colours Spinel has often been mistaken for ruby or sapphire due to its vivid red or blue colour. This makes red and blue spinel two of the most valuable colours. Mauve or lilac spinels can also be very attractive. Clarity and Inclusions It is rare to find red and blue spinels without inclusions. Inclusions can reflect the crystal growth of an octahedron spinel, and when grouped together, they can bear a resemblance to human fingerprints. Cut Spinel gemstones are usually cut in the shape of a cushion or an oval. With the right proportions, a spinel’s colour and brilliance can be enhanced. Owing to the short supply of spinels, they are mostly cut in a non-standard size. Carat Weight It is rare for spinel to be over five carats. Calibrated or standard-cut spinels are available in sizes of up to 6×4 mm and 7×5 mm for jewellery. Furthermore, pale spinels are cheaper than more strongly coloured spinel. Spinel with poor cuts sell at discounted prices and are less profitable. To purchase a good-quality, natural spinel, make sure the jeweller is a gem expert and get an independent lab report for gemstones. Source: http://www.gia.edu/spinel#buyers-guide

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