For such stunning beauty, spinel is often thought of as the forgotten gem. With its name possibly being derived from the Greek spinther meaning “spark” or the Latin spina, meaning “thorn” (on account of its pointed crystal shape), spinel was only recognised as a separate gem from ruby in recent history (though within Burma/Myanmar it has been known for longer). Thus many of history’s great rubies actually turned out to be spinels. The “Black Prince’s Ruby” set in the English Crown Jewels is one such example.

Spinel may be found in a variety of colours, however most prized is the intense ruby red, reminiscent of pigeon blood ruby. Cobalt blue spinel is another fine variety prized among collectors, pinks, mauves, purples and colourless can also produce beautiful gems. Spinel is fast becoming world recognised and although prices are not yet at those of the similar looking ruby and sapphire, spinel is still a stunning substitute which is often more rare and can be just as beautiful.

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5.69ct "Padparadscha" Colour Cushion Cut Spinel


1.21ct TW Red Mixed Cut "Jedi" Spinel Set


1.04ct TW Red Cushion Cut "Jedi" Spinel Set


1.14ct TW Red/ Red Pink Mixed Cut "Jedi" Spinel Set


2.21ct Top Red Oval Cut Spinel


1.10ct Red Cushion Cut Spinel


0.61ct TW Reddish Pink Cushion Cut "Jedi" Spinel Set


0.88ct Red Oval Cut Spinel


0.75ct Red Oval Cut Spinel


0.81ct Red Cushion Cut Spinel


3.63ct Geo Cut Spinel Parcel


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