Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family, along with emerald. It owes its name to it beautiful sea blue colour (Latin- water of the sea). This colour is caused by trace amounts of iron ions within the crystal structure. The colour can also be altered to reduce green undertones or increase the blue by heating to 400-450C. However we a Lawson Gems only sell natural unheated aquamarine to preserve the integrity of this stunning stone.

The exquisite blue shades, from the lightest sky to the deepest ocean easily compliment almost any skin shade or eye colour making it a favourite of women worldwide. It is also favoured by designers and jewellers alike. Whether cut into a fanciful modern design or traditional classic aquamarine shows stunning beauty. The most prized stones are generally larger and clean, however aquamarine is often included and these features within the stone paint a unique picture of its formation and past. Its hardness of 7.5-8 is superior to quartz making it a versatile scratch resistant stone.

Aquamarine is the Birthstone for March.

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1.23ct Top Colour Mixed Cut Aquamarine


2.56ct Mixed Cushion Cut Aquamarine


4.22ct Cat's Eye Aquamarine


3.70ct Square Aquamarine


1.76ct Oval Aquamarine


2.36ct Baguette Aquamarine


3.79ct Pear Cut Aquamarine


3.00ct Modified Triangular Cut Aquamarine


9.16ct Rectangular Cabochon Cut Aquamarine


11.49ct Mixed Cabochon Cut Aquamarine Parcel

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2.93ct Mixed Step Cut Aquamarine


4.84ct Rectangular Cushion Cut Aquamarine

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7.05ct Square Checkeboard Cut Aquamarine


8.93ct Oval Checkerboard Cut Aquamarine


4.03ct Aquamarine Flat Cut Parcel


Aquamarine Oval 8.00ct

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Emerald Cut Aquamarine 12.81ct

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4.61ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine


10.76ct Geo Cut Aquamarine Parcel


9.60ct Geo Cut Aquamarine Parcel


9.35ct Geo Cut Aquamarine Parcel


Aquamarine Cushion Cut 9.21ct


Aquamarine Oval 5.61ct


23 items

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