Responsible Sourcing

Lawson Gems prides itself on ethical practices and contributing back to the gem, jewellery and mining industries. We stock many beautiful gems sourced from our various projects world wide and use part profits to fund further ongoing projects.



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5.84ct Aquamarine in Emerald Cut, Beautiful Blue Aquamarine Gemstone
This amazing aquamarine has not been heat treated and was responsibly sourced from Madagascar. The piece is a lovely sky blue with a stunning elongated cut. This beautifully clean stone will set as a stunning piece of jewellery. Stone Type Beryl...
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 mid pink rectangular loose gem stone, gorgeous clear pink faceted rose quartz
This amazing example of facet grade rose quartz has a beautiful soft glow to the stone. The elegant, elongated mixed cushion cut gives the piece a gorgeous sparkle as it plays with the light. This piece was responsibly sourced from Madagascar....
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Sapphire Emerald cut 7.48ct, mid blue faceted emerald cut sapphire
This huge unheated, bi-colour sapphire has lovely cool, earthy tones and would make a fantastic piece for someone looking for a large unheated sapphire on a budget to make more contemporary or organic styled jewellery.   Stone Type Sapphire Cut  Emerald...
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4.12ct Green Tourmaline Emerald Cut
This beautiful Brazilian tourmaline is ever so slightly bi-coloured with the stone moving from a deeper to more light blue green across the length of the stone the piece is virtually flawless with a 10x loupe bar a minute chip...
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7.63ct Green Tourmaline Baguette Cut Sold out
This is a beautifully elegant stone, though it appears quite dark at first, when light streaks across the back facets as the stone is turned dazzling green flashes are revealed. This piece would ideally suit a very open style setting....
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1.80ct Green/Blue Tourmaline E/C
This lovely unheated tourmaline is deep greenish blue, though a little native cut the stone is exceptionally clean and shows nice colour flashes, especially when the stone is tilted from the table and the material was responsibly sourced from Nigeria....
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4.61ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine Sold out
  This piece is a lovely light sky blue and is eye clean bar a single feather that shimmers across the table as the stone is turned. The rough was mined in the Northern Cabo Del Gardo Provence of Mozambique...
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