Responsible Sourcing

Lawson Gems prides itself on ethical practices and contributing back to the gem, jewellery and mining industries. We stock many beautiful gems sourced from our various projects world wide and use part profits to fund further ongoing projects.



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9.02 Solid Australian Opal Triangle Cut, opal stone ready for setting
In a nice symmetrical, rounded triangular cabochon, this solid Coober Pedy white opal would make a fantastic pendant stone. The gem has a subtle multi coloured fire and a solid white body tone. Stone Type Solid Australian Opal Cut Freeform...
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9.37ct Mozambique Ruby Parcel in Flat Cut, Bespoke flat cut loose ruby
This is a fantastic parcel for anyone looking for something a bit outside the norm. these five rubies were responsibly sourced from Northern Mozambique and cut into these edgy flat cuts as a way to make best use of the...
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9.52ct QLD Chrysoprase Free Form Cabochon
This natural piece of chrysoprase was mined in Queensland Australia. The piece is a soft and consistent light blue green. It is very clean except for an interesting pair of lightning pattern veins, one in white and the other colourless. These pattern have...
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