Responsible Sourcing

Lawson Gems prides itself on ethical practices and contributing back to the gem, jewellery and mining industries. We stock many beautiful gems sourced from our various projects world wide and use part profits to fund further ongoing projects.



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8.00ct Chrysophrase Oval Cabachon Australian Gemstone, Green gemstone
This stunning oval cabochon Queensland Chrysoprase is gorgeous gem. The gem has a more solid body tone being somewhere between translucent and opaque and has a beautiful, even blue green tone. There are no eye visible inclusions. Stone Type Chrysoprase Cut Oval Cabochon...
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8.24ct QLD Chrysoprase Oval Cabochon
This natural piece of chrysoprase was mined in Queensland Australia. The piece is a beautiful and consistent blue green. It is incredibly clean and is a nice fine gem grade.This piece is an excellent size for both a ring or a...
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8.00ct Golden Labradorite Pear Rough Cut
Fossicked from Springsure, QLD and Hogarth Range, NSW, Golden Labradorite is a rare for of labradorite associated with Australia. This piece has been specially cut in house to produce this wonderful gem. The piece has been cut into an pear shape with...
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8.04ct Free-form Australian Jelly/Boulder Opal Cabochon
This absolutely stunning jelly opal has a magical appearance with pieces of boulder suspended in its fiery blue green depths. The piece shifts between fine blue and green fire and shifts in perceived body colour depending on lighting conditions, as you can especially...
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