Responsible Sourcing

Lawson Gems prides itself on ethical practices and contributing back to the gem, jewellery and mining industries. We stock many beautiful gems sourced from our various projects world wide and use part profits to fund further ongoing projects.



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40ct Light Blue / Green Aquamarine Rough Parcels
These parcels of rough aquamarine were sourced directly from the mines in Mozambique and are totally natural and unheated. These rough pieces are perfect for a beginner cutter looking for some nice stones to practice on for either faceting or...
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42.66ct Top Colour Aquamarine Rough
This piece of rough aquamarine is a beautiful strong and pure blue. It would be considered cabochon grade and will cut a stunning gem. It was sourced directly from the mines in Mozambique and is totally natural and unheated. The...
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42.94ct Australian Jelly Opal/Fossil Wood Sold out
This amazing boulder opal gives the impression of peering through clear, violet glowing water down to view submerged sandy riverbed. It was formed in an opalized wood deposit in Winton, Australia, where old branches and debris have been replaced by opal...
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