The birthstones for those born in October are Opal and Tourmaline.



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1.80ct Green/Blue Tourmaline E/C
This lovely unheated tourmaline is deep greenish blue, though a little native cut the stone is exceptionally clean and shows nice colour flashes, especially when the stone is tilted from the table and the material was responsibly sourced from Nigeria....
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4.12ct Green Tourmaline Emerald Cut
This beautiful Brazilian tourmaline is ever so slightly bi-coloured with the stone moving from a deeper to more light blue green across the length of the stone the piece is virtually flawless with a 10x loupe bar a minute chip...
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6.19ct Baby Pink Tourmaline Emerald Cut Sold out
This incredibly eye-catching natural tourmaline is the most amazing shade of baby pink! The stone is elegantly cut and would make a fantastic ceter piece for a stunning dress ring. The piece is lightly included but very clean to the...
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