The birthstones for those born in October are Opal and Tourmaline.



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3.20ct Oval Australian Boulder/Jelly Opal Sold out
This stunning opal was a challenge to photography and definitely looks more beautiful in real life with much better defined violet, main body fire with blue and green secondary fire. The piece is wonderfully semi-transparent jelly opal on a very thin base...
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3.17ct TW Australian Opal Parcel
This beautiful parcel of white opals is a mix of solid and boulder opal. The pieces have interesting fire and a mix of standard and more free form shapes. Stone Type Opal - Solid + Boulder Cut Cabochon Weight 3.17ct TW...
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3.25ct Australian Solid Opal
 This stunning Lightning Ridge solid opal has beautiful soft green fire with hints of dark blue and orange flashes as well. The stone is a nice standard oval making it much easier to set the piece.  Stone Type Opal - Solid...
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 3.50ct Marquise Cabochon Ethiopian Opal 10% off
Ethiopian opal is a relatively new contender on the opal market, however it is capable of producing material with exceptional play of colour and top quality "crystal" opal. This piece has a warm fire opal feel and has good play...
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