The birthstone for those born in May is Emerald.



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  This stunningly rich green emerald has beautiful proportions and cut, though a little included, nothing is visible to the naked eye giving the stone a slightly roiled appearance and trapping its fantastic colour. It also comes with a full...
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2.33ct Pear Cut Colombian (Muzo Mine) Emerald
Firstly please note that this stone has no yellow undertone, the piece has a stunning blue green tone that was very difficult to capture on camera and the stone looks far superior in life than it does in its photographs. This...
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1.95ct Pear Cut Colombian Crystal Quality Emerald Pair
This pair of stunning crystal quality emeralds are a beautiful, bright light green with definite blue undertones and strikingly cut. They are virtually eye clean and the just barely visible hairlines are actually mirrored between the two matched stones. There...
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2.73ct Pear Cut Columbian Emerald 4% off

2.73ct Pear Cut Zambian Emerald

$5,900.00 $6,145.00

This is a wonderfully large, bold stone. Though not completely eye clean the slight haze in the stone helps trap light and in turn strengthen the rich body colour and the only inclusion visible to the eye is a slight...
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