Gem Rough

Lawson Gems ethically sources rough from all over the world, we often travel direct to the mines to find the best stones and have friendly ties in with mine owners in such countries as, Mozambique, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Cambodia and at home in Australia. We also secure stones from trusted suppliers worldwide.



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1.92ct Trapiche Emerald
This is a stunning example of a trapiche emerald, it is incredibly gemmy with great colour and symmetry and almost weighs in at almost 2ct. Trapiche emeralds are formed in an extremely rare situation when black carbon impurities fill in the emerald...
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2.51ct Trapiche Emerald Single Crystal Pair
This is an amazing pair of trapiche emeralds, cut from the same crystal they match in a lovely organic fashion. The natural crystal edge has been has been left around the edge of the stones making a stunning crystalline six-rayed...
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3.48ct Natural Burmese Spinel Water Worn Pebble Set
This incredibly beautiful set of three water worn pebbles of spinel has a stunning mix of soft, almost metallic seeming pastel colours. The surfaces are virtually spotless and will face up with beautiful clean, subtle surfaces after setting.  Though similar...
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0.83ct Trapiche Emerald Pair Sold out
This beautiful pair trapiche emeralds are incredibly gemmy with great colour and well matched black radial inclusion symmetry. With only a slight difference in shape, this pair would be perfect to use in a stunning pair of earrings. Trapiche emeralds are...
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