Polished Gems

Our rough is personally sourced worldwide then brought to skilled cutters in based in Antananarivo Madagascar where we work with a young cutter developing his business, to the gem district of Silom in Bangkok where master cutters create there masterpiece stones or to local cutters based in Australia keeping the mine to market chain as close to home as possible. From decadent pieces of stunning aquamarine delved from deepest Mozambique to locally mined Australian Sapphire in its true unheated deep blues we strive to bring stones to meet all needs.



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2.35ct Australian White Zircon Round Cut
This sparkling natural zircon is a lively piece with fantastic fire and dispersion and very clean to the naked eye (inclusions are only noticeable under high magnification). This piece is unheated and was responsibly sourced from Australia.  Stone Type Zircon Cut...
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1.14ct Round Peach Sapphire, loose unmounted faceted peach sapphire
 This amazing pinkish orange sapphire is a great piece. In this colour, round stones can be very hard to find especially with such a stunning depth and saturation of colour. The rough stone was sourced from the ladies collective we support...
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10.80ct Grey Blue Sapphire Round Cut
This huge blue grey, unheated sapphire has a lovely rustic appeal. This stone would make a great piece for anyone starting out in gem setting who is looking for a large, easy round shape to set but wants to work with...
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7mm Amethyst Round Cut
These beautiful amethyst round cut gems are lovely little stones at a very affordable price. Perfect for beginner jewellers or collectors! There are slight variations in colour, clarity and dimensions from stone to stone, if you have a preference please...
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2.04 Violet Sapphire Round Cut
This stunning violet sapphire will make a great statement piece and with it’s bold colour could easily be used in both men’s and women’s jewellery. The piece is actually very clean to the naked eye on account of the skilled...
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5mm Citrine Calibrated Round Cut
In a stunning gold yellow these calibrated citrine are great little stones. They have nice proportions and are totally eye clean. Pieces will be randomly selected from the parcel so may vary in appearance from stone to stone, if you...
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6.88ct TW Mixed Cut Sapphire Parcel
This beautiful parcel of natural sapphires has great crystal sparkle and a stunning mix of colours. The stones are all eye clear except for the large cushion pink which has a couple of needles, these have little impact however as...
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5.11ct Amethyst Round Checkerboard Cut
This this multi-toned amethyst was faceted by one of the members of the women's lapidary collective, called ROAM. The piece has a gorgeous rich colour and under magnification you can see lots of lovely red hematite needles that have grown throughout the...
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0.64ct Blue Sapphire Round Cut
This lovely sapphire is natural and unheated. The rough stone was sourced from the ladies collective we support in South West Madagascar and cut in the country's capital as part of another of our endeavors supporting a small local Malagasy...
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