Polished Gems

Our rough is personally sourced worldwide then brought to skilled cutters in based in Antananarivo Madagascar where we work with a young cutter developing his business, to the gem district of Silom in Bangkok where master cutters create there masterpiece stones or to local cutters based in Australia keeping the mine to market chain as close to home as possible. From decadent pieces of stunning aquamarine delved from deepest Mozambique to locally mined Australian Sapphire in its true unheated deep blues we strive to bring stones to meet all needs.



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Sapphire Emerald cut 7.48ct, mid blue faceted emerald cut sapphire
This huge unheated, bi-colour sapphire has lovely cool, earthy tones and would make a fantastic piece for someone looking for a large unheated sapphire on a budget to make more contemporary or organic styled jewellery.   Stone Type Sapphire Cut  Emerald...
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7.44ct Oval Cut Australian Opal Cabochon
This stunning opal from Lightning Ridge has beautiful consistent green fire touched with blue and minor flares of yellow. The piece is an elegant long oval shape coming in a whopping 22mm long! Stone Type Opal - Solid, White Cut Oval...
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7.09ct QLD Chrysoprase Free Form Cabochon
This natural piece of chrysoprase was mined in Queensland Australia. The piece is a lovely, consistent mid green. It is very clean with a few minor inclusions on the edge of the stone that will be easily covered with a setting. There...
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8.61ct Pyrope Garnet Free-form Rough Cut
This unique natural garnet has been specially cut in house to produce this wonderful gem. The piece has been cut into a free-form shape with the top of the stone being left with its glossy undulating uncut surface while the sides and base have...
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7.94ct Free-form Australian Boulder Opal
This beautiful boulder opal has a lovely soft violet undertone glow with subtle blue and green fire. Has been cut as a deep stone with very straight sides towards its tip, this is to allow for drilling for use as a...
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7.05ct Watermelon Tourmaline Slice
This beautiful watermelon tourmaline slice has the most striking deep rubelite core with a couple of greyish green corners.This would make a standout piece those looking to make jewellery that doesn't follow the status quo. Stone Type Tourmaline Cut Polished...
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7.05ct Square Checkeboard Cut Aquamarine
This is a stunning piece in a huge 12mm square checkerboard cut giving it great sparkle, in a pale icy blue it would make a great statement piece. Stone Type Beryl - Aquamarine Cut Checkerboard Square Cut Weight 7.05ct Dimensions 12.0x11.9x7.9mm Colour...
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1.79g Natural Burmite Amber
Rich and bright in colour, Burmite surpasses much common amber in natural clarity and liveliness. This piece has a simple shape and polish close to the original shape of the rough. This piece has not been heated or treated in...
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