Traditionally, a birthstone is associated with each month of the year. For example, the birthstone for January is a garnet, while lucky babies born in April get a diamond as their birthstone.The origin of birthstones is believed to date back to the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The current list dates back to 1912 with only one addition since then – the tanzanite was added to December. There are numerous legends and myths about birthstone healing powers and their therapeutic influence. According to these legends, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightened its healing powers.

*Source American Gem Society



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9x7mm Amethyst Oval Cut
These beautiful amethyst oval cut gems are lovely little stones at a very affordable price. Perfect for beginner jewellers or collectors! There are slight variations in colour, clarity and dimensions from stone to stone with the colour being able to be...
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6x4mm Amethyst Emerald Cut
These beautiful amethyst are lovely little stones at a very affordable price. Perfect for beginner jewellers or collectors! There are slight variations in colour, clarity and dimensions from stone to stone, if you have a preference please email us at...
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7x5mm Citrine Calibrated Emerald Cut
In a stunning gold yellow these calibrated citrine are great little stones. They have nice proportions and are totally eye clean. Pieces will be randomly selected from the parcel so may vary in appearance from stone to stone, if you...
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10.57ct Blue Green Tourmaline Emerald Cut 19% off
This really is a stand out tourmaline, the piece appears internally flawless under a 10x loupe and  is a gorgeously deep ocean blue gree. The cut is slightly open with long elegant step facets and would lend itself very well to...
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6.19ct Baby Pink Tourmaline Emerald Cut Sold out
This incredibly eye-catching natural tourmaline is the most amazing shade of baby pink! The stone is elegantly cut and would make a fantastic ceter piece for a stunning dress ring. The piece is lightly included but very clean to the...
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4.12ct Green Tourmaline Emerald Cut
This beautiful Brazilian tourmaline is ever so slightly bi-coloured with the stone moving from a deeper to more light blue green across the length of the stone the piece is virtually flawless with a 10x loupe bar a minute chip...
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7x5mm 1.30ct Emerald Cut Rhodolite Garnet Sold out
This stunning pure purple hue garnet comes from a new deposit found in Mozambique. What makes this material so outstanding is its pure unadulterated colour with none of the secondary undertones routinely seen in standard rhodolite garnet. This piece has beautiful...
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7.63ct Green Tourmaline Baguette Cut Sold out
This is a beautifully elegant stone, though it appears quite dark at first, when light streaks across the back facets as the stone is turned dazzling green flashes are revealed. This piece would ideally suit a very open style setting....
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1.80ct Green/Blue Tourmaline E/C
This lovely unheated tourmaline is deep greenish blue, though a little native cut the stone is exceptionally clean and shows nice colour flashes, especially when the stone is tilted from the table and the material was responsibly sourced from Nigeria....
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1.40ct Emerald Cut Australian Parti Sapphire
This stunning Queensland (Rubyvale) parti sapphire shows great partition between blue and yellow from the table (top) of the stone. The piece has good colour even in low light and is a slightly modified emerald cut. There are some minute open...
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1.80ct Yellow Sapphire E/C (Unheated) Sold out
This really is a beautiful stone, unheated and a stunning pastel yellow the stone is virtually eye clean with just a tiny inclusion on the girdle that will easily be hidden once set. Stone Type Corundum - Sapphire Cut Emerald Cut Weight 1.80ct...
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1.15ct Emerald Cut Ruby, , natural unheated ruby, ruby birthstone for July, Mozambique ruby
This beautiful deep blood red Mozambique ruby has a stunning rich tone and as the piece is a more dark red it appears very clean to the eye. This is a perfect stone for someone looking for versatility with the...
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1.00ct Emerald Cut Zambian Emerald
This stunning natural Zambian emerald has an incredibly rich, deep forest green colour and a very classic cut making it perfect for both men's and women's jewellery. The stone has a nice deep pavilion which give the piece a very...
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1.54ct Emerald Cut Zambian Emerald
This natural Zambian emerald has an incredibly deep, dark, rich body colour of a strong forest green. The gem itself is quite dark and would benefit from a more open style setting if you desire to bring out the best...
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