Tourmaline is unequalled within the gem world for its myriad of colours, is seems that there is no shade that is unknown. It is a widespread mineral and has undoubtedly been used as a gem for many centuries; however it was only in the 18th century that its identity became known. The name tourmaline is derived from the Singhalese word turamali (roughly thought to be translated to “stone with mixed colours”). This was in use at that time in Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka) for yellow zircon. It is reported that a parcel of turamali was sent to Holland which turned out to be yellow tourmaline, and though technically a misnomer, the name was given to that mineral and has persisted ever since (Cornelis Klein, 1977).

 Tourmaline’s endless array of colours allows a stone to be picked for any mood or occasion and stones frequently contain more than one colour forming beautiful bi/tricolour and ‘watermelon” tourmalines. It has a good hardness and tends not to cleave easily making it ideal for jewellery.

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7.63ct Green Tourmaline Emerald Cut


1.76ct Blue Tourmaline Oval Cabochon Pair


1.80ct Green/Blue Tourmaline E/C


2.03ct Blue Tourmaline Baguette


0.90ct Oval Pink Tourmaline


1.55ct Pear Cut Blue Tourmaline


1.35ct Round Cabochon Blue Indicolite Tourmaline


1.11ct Pear Shape Cabochon Green Tourmaline


4.17ct Pear Shape Cabochon Blue Indicolite Tourmaline


9.05ct Watermelon Tourmaline Slice


7.05ct Watermelon Tourmaline Slice


5.90ct Watermelon Tourmaline Slice


2.50ct Oval Cut Pale Golden Tourmaline


1.72ct Oval Cut Dark Blue Tourmaline


1.15ct Oval Cut Peach Orange Tourmaline


0.97ct Oval Cut Dark Peach Tourmaline


Blue Tourmaline Pear Cut 1.40ct


2.74ct TW Baguette Cut Tourmaline Parcel


Huge 5.08ct Pear Cut Tourmaline


0.97ct Bi-colour Pink/Orange Emerald Cut Tourmaline


3.41ct Graduated Colour Geo Cut Tourmaline Parcel


4.76ct Mix Colour Geo Cut Tourmaline Parcel

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22 items

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