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1.21ct Blue Sapphire Oval


0.76ct Intense Pink Sapphire Oval


2.04 Violet Sapphire Round Cut


1.04ct Canary Yellow Sapphire Oval


0.996ct Violet Pink Sapphire Oval


1.20ct Blue Australian Sapphire Round Cut (Unheated)


0.87ct Blue Sapphire Oval (Unheated)


1.80ct Yellow Sapphire E/C (Unheated)


1.08ct Oval Blue Ceylon Sapphire


1.15ct Oval Cut Ceylon Sapphire


2.00ct Oval Cut Ceylon Sapphire


1.30ct Oval Cut Ceylon Sapphire


1.22ct Oval Cut Ceylon Sapphire


Unheated 1.53ct Oval Cut Padparadscha Sapphire


3.07ct TW Round (Diamond Cut) Pastel Sapphire Graduated Set

Special Price: $999.00

(Regular Price: $1,074.50)

Unheated 2.01ct Gemmologist's Choice "Floating Crystal" Oval Cut Sapphire


2.98ct Round Cut Australian Parti Sapphire


Unheated 1.14ct Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire


Colour Change 1.92ct Oval Cut Blue Sapphire


Collector's Unheated 4.56ctct Square Cut Blue Sapphire


Unheated 2.42ct Oval Cut Orange Sapphire


2.50ct Oval Cut Blue and White Ceylon Sapphire


0.97ct Marquise Cut Banded Blue Ceylon Sapphire


1.13ct Unheated Oval Cut Olive Green Ceylon Sapphire


1.52ct Pear Cut Blue and White Ottu Ceylon Sapphire

Special Price: $499.00

(Regular Price: $532.00)

1.13ct Cushion Cut Blue Ceylon Sapphire


1.03 Unheated Modified Round Cut Pink Orange Ceylon Sapphire


1.92ct Oval Cut Blue Ceylon Sapphire


1.00ct Triangular Cut Blue Ceylon Sapphire


1.06ct Unheated Emerald Cut Australian Parti Sapphire


1.15ct Rectangular Cushion Cut Ceylon Sapphire


3.12ct Diamond Cut White Sapphire Matched Parcel


1.16ct Oval Cut Padparadascha Sapphire


3.63ct TW Mixed Cut Sapphire Parcel


6.88ct TW Mixed Cut Sapphire Parcel


1.65ct Oval Cut Ceylon Sapphire

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Items 1 - 36 of 62 total

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