Crystal & Sibling Faceted Imperial Topaz from Mogok 62.96ct/13.67ct

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This two piece set is a true collectors dream, the faceted gem has been cut from the base of the crystal. Topaz is not a particularly common mineral in Mogok, Burma so to find a piece of Imperial Topaz is almost unheard of, let alone in a large specimen quality.

It was decided to remove the base of the crystal to facet a single stone, this was the only part of the crystal to have slight internal inclusions (all other blemishes are along the surface of the crystal), this piece would also have the lightest colour due to the colour zoning in the crystal. This means that at least two more stones can be cut from this crystal with the final piece to be cut from the very top of the crystal to have the best colour and a flawless interior.

Given the amazing shape of the crystal, loss through cutting is far below what most stones incur as you can see from the photographs. The faceted stone is almost eye clean with a thin film almost at the base of the pavilion occasionally catching the light. It was decided to cut only one stone from this crystal to maintain the true romance behind such a piece and leave it to whom ever purchased the stone as to whether they would cut more stones from this exceptional piece.

This original crystal has a brief Gemmological report showing natural, unheated and origin of Mogok, Burma and this documentation will be included with purchase of the set.

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Stone   Type

 Topaz- Imperial

Chemical   Composition



 Marquise &Crystal

Crystal   System



 13.67ct & 62.96ct






Specific   Gravity



 Light Imperial Orange

Refractive   Index

 1.610 - 1.638


 No Treatment 




 SI/I & VS

Reference Number



  Mogok, Burma.


 Faceted gem has been cut from base of this crystal.

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