• Hong Kong Host’s Two Dazzling Jewellery Shows


    Saturday the 9th of March marked the end of the spring’s largest jewellery show, the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show.


    The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show held from March 5 to 9 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre exhibited finished jewellery products to prospective buyers and showcased beautiful pieces from around the world. Whilst, the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show held March 3 to 7 at the AsiaWorld – Expo presented a specialised trade platform for diamonds, loose gemstones and pearls.


    The growing popularity of jewellery shows in Hong Kong led to the introduction of a new scheme for the event, “two shows, two venues.” The presenters of the event, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), believe that this scheme will provide a platform towards further expansion for the growing number of exhibitors and buyers wanting to participate in the event.


    The show featured exhibitions such as the Hall of Extraordinary, the Hall of Fame the brand new T-Gold International Hall and the Hall of Fine Diamond. The seemingly endless halls jewellery and gems weren’t all the show had to offer! The two shows also hosted a range of different seminars and events. The “TREND FORECAST for Season 2015+: Consumer Attitudes, Focus on Jewellery and Diamond Products” presented by TRENDVISION Jewellery and Forecasting Creative Director, Paola De Luca, was the true highlight of the week. All in all the two shows allowed attendees interesting insight into the world of jewellery and provided a better understanding of market trends to exhibitors and buyers.

  • Specific Gravity

    which-blue-stone Which is sapphire and which is tourmaline?

    Specific gravity (SG) is often used by gemmologists to discern between similar appearing gems. Specific gravity/ relative density can be defined as the weight of a body compared with the weight of an equal volume of pure water at 4oC, where density is defined as a measure of mass of a substance per unit volume. A substance weighing five times as much as an equal volume of water will have a SG of 5. Density directly relates to chemical composition and atomic/molecular structure and packing.

    The two most common methods of determining SG are hydrostatic weighing and heavy liquids. It should be noted here that even these methods are generally only used by professional gemmologists as they are not particularly portable, cheap or can use hazardous components, the theory however is always good to know.

    Specific gravity can be determined using the hydrostatic method, where a gemstone is first weigh in air and then totally immersed in liquid. SG is then found using the following equation:

    SG  =       W1         X  SG of liquid used
               W1 – W2
    Where: W1= weight in air
               W2  = weight in liquid
              SG of liquid used =  SG of pure water at 4oC (SG of 1)


    For example:
    Weight in air = 1.456g
    Weight in water =1.095g
    SG  =       W1         X  SG of liquid used
               W1 – W2
     SG  =        1.456g         X  1 (water)
               1.456g – 1.095g
            =   1.456g 
        SG = 4.033


    The heavy liquid method involves immersing the stone in liquids of different know SG and observing if the stone sinks, floats or sits in between the surface and the bottom f the container. If the stone has a higher SG  it will sink, if it has the same SG as the liquid it will hang somewhere in the middle and if it has a lower SG than the liquid it will float to the surface.

    The heavy liquid method uses the following liquids:

    • Bromoform and monobromonaphthalene; toluol- quartz (SG 2.65)
    • Pure Bromoform (SG 2.88)
    • Pure Methylene iodide (SG 3.32)
    • Dilute clerici solution spinel (SG 3.60)
    • Dilute clerici solution corundum (SG 4.00)


    Gemstones with the same or similar SG’s to the heavy liquids above are:

    • Bromoform and monobromonaphthalene: quartz
    • Pure Bromoform: beryl, tourmaline.
    • Pure Methylene iodide: peridot, jadeite.
    • Dilute clerici solution spinel: diamond, topaz, spinel.
    • Dilute clerici solution corundum: ruby, sapphire.


    There are certain disadvantages and safety precautions which should be taken into account when using heavy liquids:

    • Bromoform and methylene iodide need to be kept out of direct light to prevent discolouration.
    • All should be regarded as poisonous.
    • All should be regarded as corrosive.
    • All must be cleaned off any surface immediately.
    • Contamination of the liquids with each other can cause major errors.


    As mentioned above these techniques are not usually carried out by anyone other than gemmologists, but an extreme example of the theory behind measuring density would be comparing three possible diamonds of the exact same size and shape. Take a glass imitation of SG 2 (range of glass is 2.0-4.2), a diamond of SG 3.52 and a cubic zirconia of SG 6 (range of zirconia is 5.5-6.0) and if the stones are large enough you may be able to heft the stones and physically feel the difference in weight between the exact same sized stones. If you can weigh the stones you can also get closer to separating them, a typical 1ct round brilliant cut diamond is about 6.4mm in diameter, so if you have a stone this size and it weighs closer to 2ct then you might have a cubic zirconia.

    For comprehensive lists of SG just have a troll through Google and you should find what you need to get you on your way.

  • The Strength of Gemstones


    As previously mentioned a key aspect of a gemstone is that it has sufficient durability. There are three aspects that make up how we assess durability; these are hardness, toughness and stability. It is important for jewellers and gemmologists to know about durability as this can affect how a gem is used, for instance you might not want to put turquoise into an open setting to be worn as a ring as this could easily lead to damage. You must also know the difference between each of the factors as even though emerald is quite hard it is not very tough, so similar care as taken with something like turquoise can also apply to emerald. It is also important in the formation of gem placer deposits, the more durable a gemstone the more likely it is to survive being rolled down a river without breaking up completely (good examples of this are diamonds and jade).
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  • The Humble Pearl


    A rare and natural beauty, the iconic Pearl has long been seen as a symbol of power, wealth and beauty. This ancient gem has been desired across the globe for many a millennia and is to this day, still frequently sighted on the red carpet and the catwalks of the world's fashion capitals. From Johannes Vermeer's famed Girl with a Pearl Earring masterpiece; to Anne Boleyn's infamous namesake necklace; Audrey Hepburn's opening ensemble in Breakfast at Tiffany's; Jackie Kennedy's ever present Pearl necklace and most recently, Karl Lagerfeld's Pearl laden Spring 2013 collection for international house of couture, Chanel – it seems that the world's love affair with Pearls is one that shall never end. Indeed, if the current exhibition being held at London's Victoria & Albert Museum ('Pearls') is anything to go by, our fascination with these jewels of the Sea is only perpetuating with time.

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  • Crystal Vision


    Crystals, gems and mineral stones have long been used as healing tools in many different cultures and religions across the globe. In recent times, crystals have regularly been employed by nine-to-fiver's as productivity aids; placing the stones on work desks and in office environments. Whilst crystals are often regarded as primarily decorative, inert objects; to many people they constitute a body of healing power and hope. To encourage healing in your everyday life, wearing a piece of crystal or gemstone jewellery is considered to be very effective, as is leaving a selection on your bedside table. The trick is to choose a crystal with the right healing qualities for your ailments.

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  • December Dreaming

    Lucky December babies have more reason than most to celebrate this month. To help them commemorate their day of birth and survive the constant festivities, enlist the help of their birthstones Tanzanite, Zircon & Turquoise.


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  • On the Flipside


    From Holly Golightly draping pearls down her back in Breakfast at Tiffany's to Jude Law's seductive adjustment of Susan Sarandon's pendant necklace in Alfie; wearing jewellery backwards has always held a certain je ne sais quoi amongst the fashion & film sets. Turning it around and pulling of this elegant look can seem a tad tricky, if not troublesome, but with careful consideration and a complementary garment, it needn't take more than a simple switcheroo.

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  • How To Accessorize Like a Pro

    Jewellery has been worn for centuries as a means to enhance appearance as well as show ones status. From crude jewellery made from the likes of wood and plants to quality made pieces using precious metals and gemstones to suit royalty, jewellery has been a good way to accessorise for thousands of years.

    Luckily, in the modern age, we have a wide range of styles to choose from! So today, we've compiled a few tips on selecting jewellery that will complement your particular features and body types! As you know, we've already touched on how to enhance your features with earrings, so this blog will touch base on how to accessorize with necklaces, bracelets and rings-- Enjoy!

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  • How To Wear: Stacking Rings


    With Stacking rings fast becoming the new big thing in jewellery trends, this week at Lawson Gems, we thought we'd share a few of our sure fire tips for pulling off the look perfectly!

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  • Make A Statement

    At Lawson Gems, we love jewellery that makes a statement- there's nothing better than a simple black dress set off by some stunning statement jewellery! Take a look at our bold jewellery inspiration board below and remember: make a statement!



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