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  • Earring Elegance at the Met Gala

    The prestigious Met Gala may have been last week but we are still talking about who wore what.  (And what JayZ said to Solange in that lift!)
    With most of the press focusing on the gowns and dresses sometimes the gorgeous jewels and gems can be forgotten. Which is surprising as some of these celebrities were wearing jewellery up to a million dollars in value!
    Elegant earrings were the accessories of the night, complementing the bare necklines and sweeping updos.
    Queen Bey led the way in her statement veil and oversized Lorraine Schwartz chandelier earrings. Kim Kardashian followed suit, also wearing Lorraine Schwartz. Whether you are looking for shiny sparklers or overstated elegance we have a number of statement earrings at Lawson Gems such as our Conceptual Doublet Oval Persian Earrings in Gold Vermeil or Amethyst and Mystic Druzy Earrings


    Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images






    lgj200053 copy

    Adding a pop of colour through different gemstones can really brighten up a look. Gisele Bundchen smartly added a dash of colour with these elegant emerald drops. Stand out from the crowd in our Pink Sapphire & Topaz Drop Sterling Silver Earrings or add some glamour with rubies å la Blake Lively in our Ruby, Topaz & Citrine Drop Sterling Silver Earrings



    lgj200067.1 copy


    If there is a lot going on elsewhere in your outfit a simple sparkling stud earring might be all you need to finish your outfit off. Rihanna and Taylor Swift both polished off their outfits with studs.




    Our Geocut stud earrings are sure to catch attention. Using the natural shape of the stone, simple facets are placed during cutting process to create a strong geometric form analogous to the original crystal. We currently have three stones to choose from; amethyst, green garnet and citrene.


    lgj200015m_1 copy

    The next big celebrity event will be the MTV Video Awards in August…we already can’t wait to see what the new ‘it’ accessory will be!

  • The Humble Pearl


    A rare and natural beauty, the iconic Pearl has long been seen as a symbol of power, wealth and beauty. This ancient gem has been desired across the globe for many a millennia and is to this day, still frequently sighted on the red carpet and the catwalks of the world's fashion capitals. From Johannes Vermeer's famed Girl with a Pearl Earring masterpiece; to Anne Boleyn's infamous namesake necklace; Audrey Hepburn's opening ensemble in Breakfast at Tiffany's; Jackie Kennedy's ever present Pearl necklace and most recently, Karl Lagerfeld's Pearl laden Spring 2013 collection for international house of couture, Chanel – it seems that the world's love affair with Pearls is one that shall never end. Indeed, if the current exhibition being held at London's Victoria & Albert Museum ('Pearls') is anything to go by, our fascination with these jewels of the Sea is only perpetuating with time.

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  • Crystal Vision


    Crystals, gems and mineral stones have long been used as healing tools in many different cultures and religions across the globe. In recent times, crystals have regularly been employed by nine-to-fiver's as productivity aids; placing the stones on work desks and in office environments. Whilst crystals are often regarded as primarily decorative, inert objects; to many people they constitute a body of healing power and hope. To encourage healing in your everyday life, wearing a piece of crystal or gemstone jewellery is considered to be very effective, as is leaving a selection on your bedside table. The trick is to choose a crystal with the right healing qualities for your ailments.

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  • Top to Topaz


    Just like the Parker twins in The Parent Trap, The Talented Mr Ripley and Frank Abagnale Jr in Catch Me If You Can,; the greatest masters of disguise are those that hide in plain sight. Like all successful imitators, the Topaz has individually exceptional qualities which allow it to draw praise in it's own right and also pass as a realistic and cost-effective alternative to the coveted and often out-of-reach diamond.

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  • On the Flipside


    From Holly Golightly draping pearls down her back in Breakfast at Tiffany's to Jude Law's seductive adjustment of Susan Sarandon's pendant necklace in Alfie; wearing jewellery backwards has always held a certain je ne sais quoi amongst the fashion & film sets. Turning it around and pulling of this elegant look can seem a tad tricky, if not troublesome, but with careful consideration and a complementary garment, it needn't take more than a simple switcheroo.

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  • Curating your Jewellery Collection


    They say Diamonds are a girl's best friend but a collection of quality gemstone jewellery will certainly get you further in the style stakes. As any socialite worth her salt will say, a statement piece of jewellery has the power to elevate even the plainest white tee, so the power of a well curated collection can certainly not be underestimated.

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  • November Baby

    This month at Lawson HQ, we're yellow and pink and gilded all over with our love of November's traditionally golden birthstones, Topaz & Citrine.   


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  • Blue Diamond

    If you’re looking for a stunning combination of jewels, you won’t find anything better than diamonds and blue gems like sapphires and blue tourmaline. These gorgeous gemstones look fantastic separately and even better when worn together. Get some of that famous Kate Middleton style by wearing diamonds and blue stones together using the following tips!

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  • A Rich History- Opals

    Opal, the most beautiful and magical of all the gemstones, has been treasured from the beginning of civilization to the present day, and will be forever into the future. The word comes from various roots: Sanskrit 'Upala' (precious stone), Greek 'Opallios' (to observe color change) and Latin 'Opalus' (seeing jewel).


    The Australian Aborigines have understood the opal's unique energy and beauty since the Dreaming times. They bestowed the name of 'Rainbow Serpent' upon this remarkable gem and described its creation: "The Creator took the colors of the rainbow, and put them into stone to make opal". Another story tells of the Creator traveling via a rainbow road to spread a message of peace on earth. With each step, the stones underfoot turned into tiny, tangible rainbows – opals.


    Opal Pendant $89.99
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  • Gold Vermeil

    Gold vermeil (pronounced 'vehr-may') also known as silver gilt, is a type of jewellery  that is made by plating a durable layer of gold on sterling silver. Gold vermeil is very popular, and can even be found in the White House, which has a "Vermeil Room" that features vermeil tableware and a vermeil wine cooler, of all things! Unlike most jewelry that can be expensive, gold vermeil is affordable yet doesn't look cheap.


    Conceptual Doublet Oval Persian Earrings in Gold Vermeil $289.00

    Gold vermeil is comparable to pure gold in appearance and artisanship. Because of its primary composition of sterling silver, gold vermeil is considerably more affordable than pure gold and people with nickel allergies or sensitivity to other metals can wear gold vermeil jewelry pieces comfortably and safely. In addition, because of its increasing popularity, there is a wide array of choices in gold vermeil pieces.


    Graduated Topaz Gold Bangle $149.00

    It was invented in France around 1750 when royalty and high society sought out fine jewels and precious metals as a means of affirming wealth and prestige. During the mid-1700s, the vermeil process involved fire-gilding liquid gold on to silver. France later banned this procedure because it involved working with high levels of mercury, which would blind and sicken vermeil makers. Today, vermeil is safely produced by electrolysis.

    lauren conrad

    Lauren Conrad wearing her favourite gold vermeil necklace

    In order to qualify as gold vermeil and not merely gold-plated silver, a piece of jewellery must meet certain requirements. The base must be pure sterling silver. It may not be coated with any other metal prior to having the layer of gold applied. Finally, the gold layer with which the silver is plated must be at least 10-karat gold, and the layer must be at least two and one-half microns in thickness to be true vermeil. Of course, higher quality vermeil can exceed this number, but must never fall beneath it or it won't be considered "pure." The highest quality gold vermeil is used with 24-karat gold, while the most common gold vermeil falls in the 18-karat to 14-karat range.

    Conceptual Doublet Persian Earrings in Gold Vermeil $289.00

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